Thursday, April 19, 2012

Antartica vs. Google Earth...

WHAT is going on down there in ANTARTICA? Anomalies Found...

I have found a few VERY strange looking locations, down in Antarctica (hey who OWNS that place anyway), on my review of historical satellite imagery photographs, collected for and stored by Google, in the Google Earth software package, that I can only call “anomalies”!

Every picture in this document is real and is taken, without edit, from Google Earth.

Google Earth is a software package that is really interesting, really useful, and it's FREE to download, install, and use. If you can't find it or need help installing it click here:

If you don't already have it please get it so that we can discuss these strange looking locations that I have found there.

In order for you to see these anomalies for yourself is to add “pushpins” in your copy of Earth on your PC.

To add these, just click on the push pin icon in the top menu in Google Earth. That puts a pin out there on the map where ever you are looking, for you to edit.

Create these pushpins one at a time and manually enter the latitude and longitude fields that I have supplied into the properties window open for the push pin and if you don't like the names that I've invented create one of your own preference. But let's all try to stay in a standard naming format so that we can know that we are talking about the same location when we discuss these events.

I'm pretty sure that there is a way for me to directly share these as an overlay that you can upload but I'm presently not sure how so you will have to either teach me how or manually enter each of these that I've identified so far so you can see them for yourself.

I don't understand what any of these things are and can't find anything like them anywhere else on this planet.

In my opinion these things can't possibly exist or at least they should not exist anywhere on our planet, especially in such a desolate and harsh climate location and I don't even know who to ask as to what these things are.

Somebody down there, is doing Something down there, and I'd like to know who's doing what because some of these things seem to me to be beyond what I know to be doable by us, let alone doable in Antarctica...

I was taught that Antarctica is a very cold, windy, barren, desolate, generally uninhabitable place.

Here's a few of the weird things that I've found down there so far, look for yourself and let me know what you think :

A 10.5 mile long tubular looking building? This to me appears to be a perfectly straight line of building, approximately 50 feet across, 10.5 miles long that to me appears to have a cylindrical appearance. I've been a builder / general contractor for years, and I don't know anyone on this planet that could build a ten and a half mile long building in a perfectly straight line let alone build it in Antarctica. Let's call this one 10.5 mile long building,

Lat 80°20'37.37"S, Lon 83°28'44.23"E

Entrance 1. This appears, to me, to be a cave, but why does it have a domed “Hatch” looking lid sitting next to (on top of) this big hole ? This hatch does not appear to me to be any naturally occurring rock formation. It appears, to me, to be “man made” but why does anyone need a door over a cave in Antarctica ?

Lat 66°36'11.91"S, lon 99°43'11.71"E

This hole (opening) appears to be about, but less than, 100 feet across.

Entrance 2. This one looks very much like Entrance 1 but doesn't have the hatch. This one is a bit larger too (250' across and about 100' tall), and I'd really like to know what's in there.

Lat 66°33'10.08"S, Lon 99°50'21.95"E.

The biggest building on Earth. This rectangular structure is about 14 miles long and 8 miles across and appears to be partially buried in the snow and ice. Do the math 14 miles long, 8 miles across makes it 112 Square Miles big.

Lat 70°14'17.16"S Lon 87°46'42.34"E

Who on this planet can build anything on that scale ?  Who would WANT to build this in Antartica? Why?

Cylinder Cascade. I can't think of anyone that needs a structure 8 miles long and 2.5 miles across UNDERWATER off the coast of Antarctica, can you ? The shape of this one reminds me of a motor generator set I've seen, but it's huge and it's underwater.

Lat 69°14'13.60"S Lon 75°35'15.66"E

If we are not able to figure out what this one is...
       maybe we should ask the people that built the buildings at ...

Lat 69°22'24.80"S Lon 76°22'12.74"E

They are 20 miles away but they are seemingly the closest ones to this anomaly.

Here's a close up of their camp:

Maybe they just built their buildings THERE because they got a really great deal on the price of land?

Middle of Something. The paranoid cynic that lives in my head wants me to believe this is a digital edit of the real picture done by someone at Google so that we can't see what's really going on down there on the surface making this look like one a big bright shiny spot.

Lat 76°52'34.71"S Lon 150°12'36.23"W

It's about 8 miles long and about 5 miles across (that's 45 square miles) I'm not sure what could be going on down there that would need to be obscured from sight but …

I'll be the people living 2 miles up the glacier (road) in the buildings located nearby could probably tell us all exactly what we can't see here.

Lat 76°52'45.92"S Lon 149°53'13.48"W

Another 2 lines. Ok, this one might actually be some sort of light refraction event in the camera that took the pictures we're looking at but I'm not sure so I figured I'd point these out so we can talk about what they might be, trying to figure out what they really are. There are what looks to me to be 2 parallel lines about 1900 feet wide , one blue and the other shorter aqua (blue green). They to me appear to start abruptly and head off next to each other. The green line appears to dissipate (fade off) about 13 miles and the blue one goes on for a total length about 50 miles long. But we shouldn't WORRY too much about these two... Beams of light 50 miles long in the snowy desert of Antarctica can't possibly hurt anyone right ?

Lat 75°22'24.89"S, Lon 135°17'52.62"W

A line of lines. This one is weird too. It reminds me of the rungs a ladder. I'm betting after a very close in examination you'll agree with me that the little black spots on a few of these “rungs” are the shadows of some sort of tower structure (equally) spaced to test perhaps something like speed, or dissipation, or decay rate? At any rate, each of these lines is about (a half of a mile) .5 miles apart and this range of lines goes off into the distance for about 14 miles. Is this unique or is it part of (attached to) the next anomaly?

Lat 76°57'40.81"S Lon 118°20'55.60"W

The biggest Staircase in the World. This to me looks like a staircase. Seemingly perfectly aligned terraces about 12.5 miles wide. Each step is about ½ mile tall, and after a very close examination by me, this range extends off into the distance for what looks like about 50 miles. If it's not steps it is a very large GRID.

Who would need something this big way out here in the coldest nastiest part of our planet ?

Lat 76°26'46.72"S Lon 119°14'13.57"W

I hate (unexplained) Polar Lines. This one is just a very nondescript white line in the picture about 270 miles long. It's on this list because I don't remember ever seeing one like this on the map anywhere?

Lat 72°30'7.99"S Lon 10°33'15.98"W

A bunch of unexplainable shiny spots seemingly in the water at various locations on, near, or just off the coast that I have not found anywhere else on any other continent here. My rational mind wants me to believe that these are only glacial pieces of ice detached from and or floating partially submerged in the coastal waters that are refracting light in some weird, different way. But the shape of most of these makes me reluctant to accept this “wet ice” idea. I don't know and I'd like to know. Here's a list of push pins for shiny spots:

Name:                     Lat:                       Lon:                         Comments:
Shiny Spot 01         68° 1'32.23"S       79°42'20.62"E          reminds me of cylinder cascade in item #5
Shiny Spot 02         66°24'4.31"S        83°37'9.98"E
Shiny Spot 03         66°19'21.85"S    116° 7'18.04"E
Shiny Spot 04         66° 4'2.28"S       131°49'20.33"E
Shiny Spot 05         65°59'39.91"S    133°38'8.97"E            very odd nondescript
Shiny Spot 06         65°20'22.23"S   135°18'38.78"E           crisp sharp detail everywhere but here
Shiny Spot 07         66°28'6.26"S     139° 3'7.84"E
Shiny Spot 08         66°50'25.85"S   143° 3'19.64"E
Shiny Spot 09         66°54'21.64"S   143°56'49.30"E
Shiny Spot 10         67° 4'19.41"S    144°45'19.76"E          how can nature form this shape
Shiny Spot 11         66°57'34.08"S   145° 8'58.61"E
Shiny Spot 12         68°19'53.43"S   149°46'12.29"E
Shiny Spot 13         78°23'55.99"S   163°19'36.51"W
Shiny Spot 14         76°54'57.59"S   158°18'43.34"W
Shiny Spot 15         69°15'37.94"S     72°37'46.79"W        just a bunch of pack ice
Shiny Spot 16         69°20'11.34"S     68°29'13.41"W
Shiny Spot 17         70°15'47.61"S       3°53'17.94"W       A big motor ?
Shiny Spot 18         68°34'2.75"S       33°42'46.65"E        Tapered Cascade of Cylinders
Shiny Spot 19         67°25'57.08"S     63°21'17.12"E

Ok, enough here for now...

I hope these pictures have convinced you that SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING down there !!!

And from the complexity, size, (and if only) general location of these somethings, I hope you agree with me that we need to try to figure out the WHO and WHAT of each of these.

Respectfully submitted...


  1. The Piri Reis map indicates Antarctica was at one time inhabited. Some of the anomalies may be sites of ancient civilization? Never know.

    1. That retangle was spotted visually orbiting earth 17 years ago.It must of landed sometime after 1999 or 2000

  2. A lot of those are simply light illusions because of remote locations and the "Who built this?" is a Chinese station called Zhongshan Station


  4. Most of these features are simply a result of how google earth is made up of a patchwork of images taken at different times and light conditions. You will notice the seabed seems to be covered in what appear to be giant track ways as if some massive underwater caterpillar track machine has crisscrossed the ocean floor. These are just where a more detailed sonar image of the ocean floor has been mapped by a passing ship, whereas the surrounding fairly featureless imagery is from satellite mapping so has much less detail.You people out there ought to have more sense than to jump to the least likely conclusions, before you consider the most obvious explanations. There are plenty of real mystery objects to focus on on google earth without all these red herrings, for example; the massive ice cave entrances in Antarctica. There are also many places that have been hidden with a patch over the image, which are often mistaken for mistaken for a building due to their square shape, though the sharp edges compared to the more blurry resolution of the surroundings ought to give away that the image has been altered.

  5. There's a 1026 across circle with center near international polar year zone as viewed from 1600 miles altitude. 86°20'02.08"S 108°22'33.68" eleven 9817ft

  6. There's a 1026 across circle with center near international polar year zone as viewed from 1600 miles altitude. 86°20'02.08"S 108°22'33.68" eleven 9817ft

  7. Interesting stuff. All the same stuff is still in the 2016 version of Google Earth. Some of the above are edited spots to blur the areas. The station near the cascade anomaly is a Russian research station. I found something else at 89° 59' 13" S 147° 10' 16" W. It's a bright spot but the program on the iPad does weird stuff around it.

  8. Around 16 or 17 years ago i witnessed a retangular object hovering what appeared in my guestimation just out of earths atmosphere and it glowed within.a swirling chasm of was like a sign from could imagine how amazed i feel when i saw that it may have in fact been photoed on the ground in Antartica

  9. Greetings Earthlings we are among you

  10. FYI, the tales of Operation High Jump are very similar to HP Lovecraft's classic "At the Mountains of Madness" and may very well be an example of confabulation-they appeared about ten years after HPL's death in 1937.

    Nazi New Swabia was part of a plan to exploit whaling down there, whale oil was used to make margarine back then, and Germany needed foodstuffs-the war made the plan impractical.

    The Nazis also deployed auxillary cruisers like Atlantis, Kormorant and Pinguin,armed merchant ships disguised as civilian vessels.

    They were tasked with attacking the whaling fleet, and tying up allied resources.

    New Swabia came to nothing, the commerce raiders were a nuseince(but less expensive to operate in the southern polar ocean than U-Boats)the campaign was a sideshow.

    There are many abandoned installations in Antarctica, many of them mostly undocumented-the climate preserves them for many years.

    And yes, that hatch bothers me, too-if there is an expedition that passes close to it, might be worth a look.

  11. forrester island off west coast.....